Sunday, August 15, 2010

Studies of Scripture

Elise drifted off to sleep while nursing and beside me, my husband had also, exhausted from six full days of laboring in the field. I slipped out from my place, nestled inbetween them, and headed into the office. The thought came that I ought to take advantage of this quiet moment to study scripture and pray. I retrieved my Bible and went to check my nightstand for my journal. As I walked softly beside the bed I saw the little face pucker, the mouth draw into a pout and a cry escaped the tiny lips followed by another and another, in rapid sucession.                                  -There goes my afternoon; -   
I picked her up and whisked her to the living room where we wouldn't disturb daddy. Laying her on the couch beside me I decided to try and let her fuss it out, and while she fussed, I pondered what to study, where in the scriptures to read. It soon became evident that she had not intention of sleeping. I held her, but she would not refused to be comforted while mommy was sitting, so I walked, until her eyes closed. Gently she was laid back down and I settled in with my Bible, Strong's Concordance and the Expository Greek dictionary, Lord, what shall I read, where in these 66 books of the cannon of scripture do You want my soul to feed?
John 3:16 came to mind. I've been pondering the Calvanistic doctrine of Particular Redemption (or Limited Atonement), searching the scriptures, wanting to be convinced for myself of what the Word teaches. What does it mean, God so loved the world that He sent His only Son? Does it nullify my understanding of limited atonement. Elise's cries fill the still air. With a sigh I walk with her, trying to soothe her. We sit in the rocking chair.  No, God's love for the world (greek: Kosmos) doesn't mean He died for all the world, it just means He loved the world. Elise is settled and back on her make shift bed in the living room, Lord, how do I go about studying the teaching of scripture in regards to the atoning work of Christ? Hebrews 9. Hebrews 9? Gary Martin read that passage in preparation for partaking of the Lord's supper this morning. I don't remember anything particular being said about who's sins were atoned for. . . With my daugher at last sleeping I began to read. At first the Inspired Word explains how the symbols of the first covenant pointed to Christ and the new covenant. But then I came to verse 28, "So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation." Many. What word is that? Poloos, many. Used throughout the gosples to refer to the multitudes that followed Christ. I.e. it refers to a group of people, not all people. Hmm,
The sound of my husband reading Psalm 127 to my again awake daughter fills my ears; I still have more studying to do, more to meditate on, but I am thankful for the direction the Spirit has pointed me in.

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