Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August is. . .

sweaty field work under a hot summer sun.

potato harvest

canning sun ripened tomatoes and peaches.

laundry flapping in the wind

apples from the neighbor to be made into applesauce

                                  green stained feet from walking through damp, freshly cut grass

Time to remember, rededicate

                                                      pray, and prepare for a new year. . .


  1. Honey!
    This is a wonderful post! And I liked the collection of photos, especially the one of the diapers hanging out on the line. :-)
    I love you!
    Your most enduring fan, Jonathan. ;-)

  2. Hey, Monique! I like this post. Must say, the diapers on the line was my favorite photo too. Who would have guessed that diapers could be artsy, eh? :-)
    Until Sunday...:)